Articles about gundog training.

”Links to articles on gundog training from the leading British shooting magazine, “Shooting Times”

Gundog training: When should I start training with my puppy:

Can dog read body language:

How can I improve my gundog’s marking:

Gundog etiquette  picking up birds:

Wich gundog breed are best at picking up: labradors or springers:

The ultimate guide to good picking-up:

Despatching pricked birds - the best way to do it:

How to teach spaniels to head in the right direction:

How well do you know your gundog vocabulary:

When should my gun dog be introduced to gun fire:

Why is my gundog puppy so noisy in training?

puppy won’t deliver dummy:

My puppy won’t let go of the dummy;

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Bill Meldrum: The Queen’s former headkeeper talks gundog:

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