Simon Parke (Croobcovey)

1.  What is your relation with the breed? When did you get your first Flatcoat?  

I got my first flatcoat in 1999

2.  What do you like most in a working flatcoated retriever?

 I love the way a good one proves me wrong and finds it quarry 

3.  What abilities do you look for when you are breeding a working flatcoated retriever

Drive and style accompanied with trainability, quietness and soft mouth and a loving nature

4.  What could be done to promote the Flatcoat as a field trial/working test dog?

Personally I think if the breed can get into the correct working shooting family as a puppy this will no doubt let the Flatcoated give a good account of itself. 

5 How does a working Flatcoat excel as a picking up dog?

All retrievers excel at picking up because it's more natural with less control from the handler.The Flatcoated does like it's independence so it can show off its skills in picking up. 

6.  What’s important to emphasize when training a flatcoated Retriever?

For me it has to be patience and taking ones time is of the utmost importance. Flatcoated retrievers get bored very easily so varied training is also of great importance. Training should be short, simple to start with and fun, keeping the dogs brain in the training learning zone.

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