Heidi Kvan and Bjarne Holm (http://waternuts.com)

Heidi Kvan and  N JCH SE JCH Waternuts Man Of The Moment

1. What is your relationship with the breed? When did you get your first Flatcoat?

I’ve got my first flat in 1987, a bitch sired by Benito (N UCH Exclyst Kestrel – Ki-Ro-Ma’s Edelweiss), and had my first litter in 1990 where I kept a male, N JCH Waternuts Just Call Me Batman, sired by INT UCH Black Bowie. From 1997 my husband, Bjarne, joined the kennel. Over the years we have had a few litters, but all in a small scale. Our dogs today are all descendants of N JCH S JCH NMJR-07 Duckstream Cragganmore that was brought into the kennel in 2002.

2.  What do you like the most in a working Flatcoated Retriever?

Their stile, personality and attitude to work 

3.  What abilities do you look for when you are breeding a working Flatcoated Retriever

Early maturing, trainability, drive, calmness, will to please.

4.  What could be done to promote the Flatcoat as a field trial/working test dog?

I think the breed will promote itself by showing good individuals at trials and tests. The question is how to get our dogs in that position. I don’t think it’s a simple answer to that, it will always depend of the influence of breeders, trainers and clubs. 

5.  How does a working Flatcoat excel as a picking up dog?

They are strong dogs working tirelessly in tough terrain. Excellent markers.

Bjarne Holm and Nord JCH DK BRCH Waternuts High And Mighty

6. What’s important to emphasize when training a Flatcoated Retriever?

I don’t think you must train them differently than other breeds, it all comes down to be thorough with the basics and use the first years wisely, building a strong fundament. Let the abilities and skills develop through training, don’t wait for the dogs to grow up, because they never will J

Heidi Kvan og Bjarne Holm

Waternuts flatcoats

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