Mary E Young (Windfall)

I have had FCRs since 1977 but came more involved with obedience as an entry level sport and show(conformation) between 1978 and other years. I have always believed that the FCR should be a multipurpose breed.

I lucked into an amazing dog (Wingmaster’s Bella Beauvoir) who showed me the highest level of competition. She became my foundation bitch.

I don’t think there is a better way in a working or show breeding program than to follow the best girls and certain stud dogs (even when they are less popular). I have put my money and time behind certain lines such as Hovhills, Waterproof, Zebulon (including Danish/English/Swedish), and Hinnared. All of those are in my house and in a few places in the US.

Ann Edman Strander was a great friend. She led me thru many trips to learn about working dogs.

What do I like best about a working FCR? Ability to work multiple water/land and be a good dog every day. And provide some humor which Labs do poorly.

Major limitations are slow maturity, and need to constantly adapt training. I do not need see this as a problem but as a challenge.

Should promote dogs that can easily settle no matter how high drive they are. This requires owners that give enough exercise and are willing to work to make each dog a family member. I do not believe FCRs make good kennel dogs altho of course they can adapt.

The MAJOR problem in getting more working dogs is the lack of land, the cost of transportation, etc. If there is no place to train or if it is a huge expense, people will do something else. And I have no objection if such a person or household is trying to keep a busy FCR busier.

Mary E Young

Windfall Retrievers

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