Charlotte Wear (Keveral):

1.   What is your relationship with the breed? When did you get your first flatcoat?

I met a Flatcoated Retriever for the first time on a visit to my godmother when I was fourteen, it was love at first sight, I can still remember that dog, Fleur, clearly.  Two years later my parents after constant nagging from me my parents got one, I have had them ever since.  The next two came from Hilary Hughes who has the Atherbram line, I bred from Kernewek cum Pigeon and the dogs I have now are descendants of her's by various devious routes.  I also got my first field trial awards with her, she was very special.

2.  What do you like the most in a working Flatcoated Retriever?

I love their beautiful elegance, game finding ability and joy in their work.

3.  What abilities do you look for when you are breeding a working Flatcoated Retriever

Speed and style, biddability, good nose, boldness and, of course, beauty.

Charlotte Wear and Keveral Glololui winning the Cornwall Field Trial society’s Novice Test 2017.jpg

4.  What could be done to promote the Flatcoat as a field trial/working test dog?

I believe the biggest help to promoting competing with Flatcoats would be more owners doing it, I believe it is a numbers game to a certain extent.  I always strongly encourage my puppy buyers to do so.

5.  How does a working Flatcoat excel as a picking up dog?

Their exceptional game finding ability.  (And the fact so many people admire them)

6.  What’s important to emphasize when training a Flatcoated Retriever? 

It is important to be patient and kind, always make training fun.  It is so easy to "flatten" a Flatcoat's enthusiasm by trying too hard and being too serious.  In recent years I frequently end training sessions with a ball chasing game, letting all the dogs run free competing to get the ball.  I finish off by getting them all to sit and have a controlled retrieve, just to remind them how it should be done!  I think this little exercise has done more to improve their style and way of going than anything else I have tried.

       © Alex Faarkrog 2017